The Dungeons & Dragons Anthology Master Collections finally released

Finally re-released in complete anthologies, all the classic Dungeon & Dragons PC games you've been dying to replay. Put down Skyrim and get ready for some late 90's nostalgia. Two packages released this Tuesday, the Dungeons & Dragons Classic Anthology, and the Dungeons & Dragons Neverwinter Nights Complete Collection.

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sonicsidewinder2384d ago


It's times like these when I wish I didn't own 'some' of the games.

Stuck between, "Is it worth buying when I own most of them?"

and, "But I don't own them few!"

Good lookin' package anyway.

maawdawg2384d ago

I have played BG 1 and 2, ID 1 and 2, and Torment before but I don't have them anymore as I pass them all along to friends ages ago. I had been contemplating grabbing them from goodoldgames but now I don't have to.

For $20 this is literally 100s of hours of some of the best RPG games ever created.

100% buy for me. Not having to deal with a giant box of CDs will be nice too, BG1 alone without the expansions was 5 CDs iirc.

gamebullets2384d ago

Yeah, I only have a couple, so this package is well worth it for me. The Neverwinter one as well, very happy to see this released again.