COD Elite Restricting Access To Non-Founder Customers

An email has been sent out to 'ELITE Founders' stating that the service will ' temporarily limit access to ELITE services on both the console applications and website' but 'will also be prioritizing your access to ELITE in order to ensure that you are among the first to get fully into the service'.

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buddymagoo2351d ago

Everyone is a founder if you purchase before the end of the month. So this doesn't make sense to me unless problems will persist after November.

radphil2351d ago

Yea for some reason it's feeling haphazard at the moment, since they said they extended it for the month for that status. =|

StanLee2351d ago

The service was broken from day 1. For all the hoopla, it's been an absolute failure. What's worst is that the great stat tracking we've become accustomed to with Black Ops has been removed in Modern Warfare 3. Modern Warfare 3 is such a huge step backwards that I just can't play it.

Apocwhen2351d ago

What does Founder status give you? Is it just some kind of Emblem?

Dark_Overlord2351d ago

Its just a word next to your name, seriously thats it

Apocwhen2351d ago

Ok thanks. Wasn't sure if it entitled you to some extra Elite Benefits.

GraveLord2351d ago

It's not restricting access to non-Founders.
Its putting Founders and premium members before everyone else. I think that's fair don't you?

MaverickStar72351d ago

Everyone who paid for the premium before the end of Nov. it s Founder. Everyone else who has a FREE membership to the FREE portion might have to wait a little while. Paying members should have the priority.