Modern Warfare 3 Review - GUERRILLAPLAY

Does Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 live up to the hype surrounding it? Or has it just become a giant cash cow that offers nothing more than a rehash of the previous game?

*Editors note: The following review was done with the XBOX 360 version. Differences between the versions on each console were not accounted for.

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Boody-Bandit2467d ago

I just cant get into it. I tried. Played it online for several hours and finished the campaign. I just ejected the MW3 disc out of my 360 after trying it for another hour online just now. I'm tossing it up on eBay tonight and moving on.

I'm worn out on this game in it's current form. I want dedicated servers and a newer more balanced game on a new engine. This is nearly identical in every way to the game I played 4 years ago.

Honestly I feel a 7 is being generous.
Not hating, just being honest.

MasterD9192467d ago

At least yours works....

I received a corrupted disc right out of the packing...Activision has billions of dollars yet can't burn a game to a disc properly without screwing it up. Going through hell to just get a replacement.

Never had this issue (even bF3 gives me errors but still plays).

bumnut2466d ago

I feel your pain, I got a faulty copy of Halo 3 and returned it to the shop. The guy behind the counter said I must have loaded it wrong!

MasterD9192466d ago

Ha....its just a bad week for gaming for me because my Crysis 2 I just bought from Gamefly is also not working at all and freezing my console.

Makes me think Digital Release is the way to go now...

therealdwhite2466d ago (Edited 2466d ago )

I'm not gonna be like most and say Battlefield 3 is better cause some who never played Modern Warfare series or Battlefield 3 wont know the difference. They may like one or the other or find both pleasantly enjoyable. I on the other hand like both franchises but find Battlefield 3 a nice change for my enjoyment. It brings a little something different to the table. I'm stoked to see what Ubisoft is gonna do with the next installment of Rainbow 6. The tech demo looks promising. Does anyone think Ubisoft can take back the First Person Shooter genre?

mbuff2460d ago

It is gonna be a uphill battle for Rainbow 6 to take the FPS crown. Not saying it isn't possible, though. If they put together an innovative and high-quality game, I think you may see a bunch of the disappointed MW3 fans eventually switch over. Its all speculation at this point; we will have to wait until we actually see the game.

ssb31732459d ago

A good score for a good game, not the best of games but still a great one that kills off the hours