PSN Shutting Down at Night for Young Korean Players

South Korea's Shutdown Law will prevent players under sixteen years-old from gaming during a six hour block at night.

Originally, it was reported that the law would not impact consoles. Today, Sony Computer Entertainment of Korea announced that it would be taking the PSN offline for underage players in compliance with the law.

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iamnsuperman2471d ago

I disagree. There is a problem in South Korea about online addiction and people gaming through out the night. These people need to sleep. Online gaming addiction could have massive economic problems in the future if it isn't sorted out.

fluffydelusions2471d ago

But how this even be enforced? What's to stop someone from simply changing their birthday or creating different accounts?

Siesser2470d ago

True fluffy, but the least they can do is try, right? It's no different than watching mature videos on the net - people may lie, but they're at least making some effort to prevent it. In the case of accessing online media, it's undoubtedly more a liability thing, which makes this Korean black out even the more impressive since there is no positive Sony can gain out of doing this.

5119ent2470d ago

it is there life if they want to game let them game...

KingSlayer2470d ago

Way to not know WTF is going on in Korea with gaming. Be proud.

Ares84HU2470d ago


You don't know how out of hand gaming is in Korea. Read some news, get informed about how fanatically they play there. It totally ruins and takes over someones life. No wonder the media is putting a bad spin on it. Korea is the prime example of how dangerous gaming as an addiction can be. They have no self-control what so ever.

DanSolo2470d ago

You summed it up right there Ares..... NO SELF-CONTROL.... I think that is pretty much one of the major factors in most human made problems.... but when it comes to gaming, then it just shows how truly bad some peoples self-control really is!

Maybe someone should do some sort of study on it to see just how peoples self-control or lack of it really works... some decent research might actually help us realise why as a species we tend to be so fvcked up!

ShaunCameron2470d ago (Edited 2470d ago )

The only thing sillier than this law is the parents who grant children more freedom than they are ready to handle. And things like this are what's considered progressive in the free world.

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Fishy Fingers2470d ago

I guess times are changing, my patents used to decide when and when I could play games, watch tv or whatever. As technology becomes symbiotic with the way we live our lives measures must be taken.

Personally I have nothing but respect for them, they've had a real problem with online addiction and if this can help regulate it, so be it.

What under 16 should be consistently gaming at those hours anyway?

NewVegasTroop2470d ago (Edited 2470d ago )

well that sucks for them, go western nations woo hoo!!!!

im just kidding but this law is stupid what happen to freedom and democracy? wasn't the Korea war meant to give this people freedom? besides Korean gamers pay for the internet and if your paying for something then why are they denying the service they payed with their hard earned money is not like they are living off the government, and so the Korean war was a pointless loss of men...

EDIT: okay it seems that is only for people under 16, then its okay because probable they dont work and live with their parents

KillerPwned2470d ago (Edited 2470d ago )

This is not a bad law at all hell I say go for it big time. I remember hearing about online addiction over their is real bad. Besides to its only 6 hrs and its late at night so I see no harm in this law. But wouldnt kids just be able to create a new account like on PSN and put their age at like 18 or something.

This law I think is good they are thinking for the better of the children when they cant and wont make the right decision. Its better to see one succeed then to see one fail miserably.

This is one law I think all other countries should look into.

kreate2470d ago (Edited 2470d ago )

to my understanding, in korean cyberspace, u gotta put down ur social security number and other information to make sure ur 19 or over, or ur accessibility to certain content will be limited.

if u open up a psn in korea, u gotta put down ur social security number, if ur a foreignor, u gotta put down ur alien registration number.

so its hard for kids to 'just make another' psn account like we do in america.

ShadowKingx2470d ago

its not a bad law, but anybody can figure out that if it goes by birthday just make to where you over 16. its not that hard when it comes to basic math. unless its being done totally differently then what i thinking. it will be easy to bypass.

but on a side note. anyone under 16 should be in bed before midnight anyway.

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