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Better start telling your friends and relatives they won’t be seeing you for a while; Bethesda has returned to the Elder Scrolls series and the result will have players saying goodbye to the real world.

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antihiroprotagonist2471d ago

4/5? this is one of the best games ever made and definitely the best rpg of its type; it deserves nothing less than a 10

wanderson752471d ago

"However, a game the size and scope of Skyrim isn't without fault – bugs and glitches are evident throughout. Most of these are fairly harmless, such as creatures levitating slightly above the ground or enemies disappearing into rocks, but there are some that are a cause for concern. Some of these result in the loss of the characters’ hands or equipment and, more severely, the game crashing."

Is it a great game? Yes. Is it perfect? No. Fortunately, we don't allow our fanboy tendencies to cloud our rating of the game. As much as we want to give a game a perfect, it doesn't deserve one just because we say it's so. The game needs to be flawless in every way.

Halochampian2471d ago

yet.. The War of The Worlds got a perfect score when that game was so clunky that I couldn't bare to finish the trial.

MW3.. a 4.25? Disney a 4.75?

I think what you guys like a game to just play. You don't care for the depth of the game or anything. Because Skyrim is a game that takes breaths away. It keeps you talking about it while you are at work. It's pure art... And you gave it the lowest score on your site.

wanderson752471d ago

We found nothing wrong with the control scheme for War of the Worlds. We actually couldn't find anything fundamentally wrong with the game. And yes, we've graded games lower than a 4.

You don't get +1's to cool with us. You start at a maximum score of 5 and we hit a game for its flaws. If something is wrong in the game, it should not receive a perfect score under any circumstances. Glitches and game crashes would fall under the "something wrong" umbrella.

Halochampian2471d ago

You're not basing a game on how good it is then.. you're just knocking off points for flaws.

That likes grading an Essay on purely grammatical errors.

wanderson752471d ago

We are basing a game on how good it is. We grade a game on the fundamentals; graphics, gameplay, story and playability. But just because it looks pretty or sounds good doesn't mean it's perfect.

And if you went to a college that didn't hit you on your essay for grammatical errors, let me know where, because I'd love an easy A. Fact is, they will grade you down for grammatical errors, and most certainly won't give a flawed essay an A+ because it hit high on the "Cool Factor".

Halochampian2471d ago

I'm just calling you out on your scores. Sure everyone has an opinion but let's get real, if I were to wander around your site for a bit and look at how you rate them, I would see Skyrim as one of the lower tier games for you guys and go pick up disney adventures instead.

I went to a Engineering College and currently work for Nasa in the Heliophysics department and know plenty of geniuses who cant spell and have poor grammar but it doesnt take away from the fact that they are geniuses... and Skyrim is a Genius that has minor flaws.

It does not warrant one of the lowest scores on your site.

SatansHamsters2471d ago

So you are being a fan boy? Are you saying a game like Disney Adventures does not deserve a score better than skyrim because it was simply a better made game?

Halochampian2471d ago

Since when did having a debate about a game turn into "fanboy" wars all the time?

You honestly believe that Disney Adventures is a better made game along with Sonic Adventures and Kinect Sports 2? And a pinball game is a perfect game.

I guess what I see in these review scores is KISS (Keep it simple stupid) where a better games are the simple ones that take no challenge to create. Want a perfect game? make a game that Brings nothing new to the table and plays it safe.

SatansHamsters2471d ago

oh yea sonic generations and kinect sports took nothing to create? You sir are oblibvious to the gaming world

SatansHamsters2471d ago

Sure it is a great game but it is far from perfect. Thats the problem with you Skrim and MW3 fanboys, you get the game and claim that it is the best thing ever. Arkham city got a higher score because it was simply a better game. I found no flaw in it when I played through. Skyrim is a bathesda game, they are known for glitches and crashes. Keep the fanboydom to yourself and let the pros handle the reviews. Take it like criticism, the companies love to hear their game is not perfect.

Halochampian2471d ago

"Let the pros handle the reviews"

Most idiotic thing I've heard. And what degree should I be perusing so I can be a "pro reviewer" as well?

Arkham City was an amazing game. Played it before Skyrim but it wasnt anywhere near perfect and it wasnt much of an advancement over Asylum.

I'm not questioning whether skyrim has faults. It has a few bugs like any game of its kind. Name me one sandbox game like the Elder Scrolls series that arent going to have a few hiccups?

What I am questioning is the scoring of these games? I would like to see how they weight their scores.

I am just as much as a "pro reviewer" as anyone else. I play the game and voice my opinion.

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