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Last week we brought you our thoughts on Battlefield 3’s multiplayer experience, and we were mightily impressed. However it’s a sure thing that this new edition of Call of Duty (COD) will sell in bucket loads and be the more popular game, despite this year being arguably the first time that its dominance has been called into question. So we put in the disc, split open a pack of custard creams and set out to see if this year COD has done enough to topple the impressive outing by Battlefield.

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Trunkz Jr2435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

They gave BF3 an 86/10 as well tho, which is odd seeing many reviews have given it awesome ratings for it's multiplayer but below avg. for it's singleplayer.

timjking2435d ago

Both are multiplayer reviews and both have been getting good reviews from nearly everyone. Have you read both?

ssb31732428d ago

A good score for a good game, not the best of games but still a great one that kills off the hours