Super Mario 3D Land: As Good As Super Mario Bros. 3?

John Benyamine (Modojo): It's not every day the world sees the release of a brand new Mario game, and Super Mario 3D Land marks the first time the famed plumber hit Nintendo 3DS. The game received perfect scores from multiple publications (including Modojo), but I knew it was going to rock. It is, after all, a new and original Mario adventure. Nintendo always treats games starring its mascot with the utmost care.

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fluffydelusions2320d ago (Edited 2320d ago )

SMB 3 was great. I still remember when it came out and I remember the movie the wizard showing the first footage of it. It was amazing! I don't have a 3DS but I don't think any mario game has ever done poorly. I mean proper mario games not spinoffs.

Venox20082319d ago

I'll tell you when I 'll finish it :)

smashcrashbash2319d ago

Couldn't be. SMB3 was the best. Modern Mario pales in comparison.