Super Smash Bros. Brawl Character Gallery -- Part II

GameDailys first Super Smash Bros. Brawl gallery introduced you to such combatants as Mario, Peach and Kirby. But those familiar faces will have it rough when they tangle with today's fighters, a group of tough hombres with plenty of offensive weaponry.

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ShadoWulf3954d ago

Yeah, I find the new character's weaponry very offensive.

wAtdaFck3954d ago

WTF? a Pokemon Trainer?

Image 6

ChickeyCantor3954d ago

o boy, have you been sleeping under a rock?

goldenzealot3954d ago

this game is going to pwn the ps3 and 360... I'm a Wii fanboy! LOL

Prismo_Fillusion3954d ago

Moreso - this and LBP will pwn all other party games for the next *insert big number here* number of years.