WWE 12 still has ‘clipping issues’ although “greatly reduced” – Longer dev cycle would fix it

@Thrungus for @XG247 writes: "Good Evening Wrestling fans" - Many of you will know about the issue that plagues the wrestling video game world, the magical instances of clipping and stuff going a little odd. People falling through ropes, slipping off tables and a bunch of strange movements are just a few of these moments to admire.

With every wrestling game release, you'd hope that they'd of fixed it by now? - So we asked the question - so you don't have to! Have you guys addressed ongoing clipping issues?

In a recent interview with the game's Lead Gameplay Designer, Bryan Williams, I dropped the clipping question in:

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Wintersun6162468d ago

Still waiting eagerly for the day when they decide to release a new WWE game every 2 years instead of 1. They could do some serious improvements if they took that extra year to finish things up.

Cra2yey32467d ago

Huge wwe fan here, well was, i havent bought a wwe game since 2008. So i would say that we can wait 2 years + for it to stop being a madden type title. Although wwe 12 looks promising and im considering getting it, next year what will they do? Remove RTWM and put back season mode from Here comes the pain and call it new? They should attempt the 2 year run and still how it goes.

DeadlyFire2467d ago

We can wait damn you. Even if it hurts some of the hardcore every day must have. It ends up with greater profit potential. THQ makes so many damn side WWE projects. They have the money to hire another team to make it every year with two developement teams. They could easily spare expense for WWE 13, 14 to be worked on at the same time for next year and the year after. 13 gets released then 15 starts and so on.