L.A. Noire's Cole Phelps "slightly psycho" when using Doubt, McNamara's fault

Brendan McNamara, former head of Team Bondi and creator of L.A. Noire, talks about the film noir inspired detective game. He reveals why the option to Doubt was "weird."

Originally the player as Phelps could "Coax, Force and Accuse" but it was changed to Truth, Doubt and Lie - but the actor's performances were already recorded. It made Phelps "slightly psycho".

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BiggCMan2465d ago

"Then we switched to Truth, Doubt, Lie, because that was more straightforward for people."

Oh come on, that's just stupid. Are people really not that smart today? You can't even look the 3 words up in a dictionary? Or even an online dictionary for people that are too lazy to get a real one? Unreal man, anything to make things easier. I like the other words better, sounds more intense.

Siesser2465d ago

I'll admit it took me a while to get the hang of things, because I was under the impression I could control tone, and obviously you couldn't. Doubt, in my eyes, doesn't involve raging and antagonizing, but I had to get used to that being the case in the game. Guess I'm more "good cop."