GameSpot gives 4.5/10 to Soldier of Fortune: Payback

If you've ever wondered what happened to the Soldier of Fortune franchise, you're not alone. The first two Soldier of Fortune games were popular shooters in their day, blending fun single-player and multiplayer gameplay with the concept of playing as a mercenary. But after 2002's Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix, the franchise seemed to fall off the face of the planet. Unfortunately, it should have stayed missing in action because the series has been resurrected with Soldier of Fortune: Payback, a shooter that embraces all the wrong lessons that have been learned over the past decade.

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Charlie26883951d ago

In this case looks like the quality of the game was proportionate to its development think this game was announced almost 2 months ago >.>

Its such a HUGE shame that the Soldier of Fortune franchise fell SO low

3951d ago
sak5003950d ago

@BRbubble: What the hell is your avatar?

MK_Red3950d ago

They should have:
A.Released it with budget price.
B.Made sure it lives up to it's legacy.

snoopgg3950d ago

Is this game better then Call of Duty 4? No, but for all that it is, it still is fun. The graphics are way above average, and the multiplayer is fast, fun and addictive. The story mode is a mindless fragfest without a story, but it still is fun none the less. If this game gets extra maps in the future and the price comes down pick it up, you will have fun shooting arms, legs, and heads off. Hope to see you online.

sak5003950d ago

Worth it if they made it 20$ downloadable version. Well downloadable version is available for free ;)