Assassin's Creed: Revelations | Good Game Review

It's definitely time for the series to take a different direction if Ubisoft intend to carry it on. They have a great formula and they stick to it because they know what their fans love. But there's nothing truly new about the gameplay in Revelations that really makes you go 'wow'.

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YodaCracker2437d ago

What a load of bull. It deserved at least a 7.78!

LOGICWINS2437d ago (Edited 2437d ago )

I love Good Game reviews. Ud be hard pressed to find a more detailed/well organized video review on the Internet.

Haven't played Revelations yet, so I don't know what it "deserves", but I know that a 7.75/10 from these guys means that the game is at the very least worth buying...just maybe not for $60.

Fylus2437d ago

I completely agree. Their reviews are always very well written. This is honestly the score I was expecting so I believe it is fair.

kingdavid2437d ago

Only problem is they do show spoilers in their video reviews.

DonaldBeck2437d ago (Edited 2437d ago )

i bought this for 60 bucks, but im getting battlefield 3 free! with it!

chaldo2437d ago

Can somebody please explain to me why MW3 gets perfect scores when they dont change anything?

I know a lot of ppl say ACR is the same game but I feel like it has made more improvements than MW3.

Fylus2437d ago

Because too many people are casual minded, ignorant sheep.

LOGICWINS2437d ago (Edited 2437d ago )

"Can somebody please explain to me why MW3 gets perfect scores when they dont change anything?"

Because its EXTREMELY difficult to innovate in the modern military FPS genre...and reviewers realize that.

Its the same reason why people love James Bond movies even though its the same thing over and over again. Guy wants to aid in world destruction...James stops him.

However, with an action adventure platform that his a heavy historic/religious atmosphere, there is PLENTY of room to breathe and innovate. Therefore, critics would naturally be harder on a game like AC for lack of innovation than a game like COD.

Btw...most reviewers haven't given MW3 perfect scores, so I don't understand what your talking about. In fact, this looks to be the lowest scoring MW game yet.

DonaldBeck2437d ago

dude the internet is full of it man, they can say anything they want, do you believe it?.

listen, gta vice city has the best graphics in the world according to me. do you believe me?

chaldo2437d ago

Of course I do..

Btw, does anybody know how long or how many missions this game has?

Drjft2437d ago

Just finished the game. It's nine segments, took about 20 hours to complete, give or take slightly.

frnkyl2437d ago

It was only a matter of time until Ubisoft slipped up with the AC franchise. I mean, the opening to ACR just screams lazy. I was expecting an in-game opening but instead got the E3 trailer with commentary.

Hufandpuf2437d ago

I'm waiting for AC3. I knew it had to catch up with them sometime.

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