Why Skyrim is a glimpse into the future of RPGs

Liberating yourself from your avatar - that's the idea. Because in RPGs, no matter how much of an emotional attachment you have to your Shepard of Mass Effect or your Hawke of Dragon Age 2, the way users will experience a game is defined the moment the character is created.

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scotchmouth2463d ago

Its exciting to think about the future of rpg's with new consoles on the horizon. I can't imagine what they would do with a next generation elder scrolls.

Its a good time to be a gamer

Trainz2463d ago

If skyrim is the future for RPG's then people would live their lives virtually.

kevnb2463d ago

skyrim is the present.

TheGameFoxJTV2463d ago

Which is why it's only a glimpse of what the future hold. Hurr

TBM2463d ago

i personally dont have that much time to be playing more than one rpg thats open world. 1-2 is just fine with me per year, and ill take my traditional rpgs more.