Valve: 'Games as a service' in 5 years "won't be a buzzword like it is now"

Half-Life creator and Steam operator Valve has long heralded 'games as a service', and many big studios and publishers are now embracing that philosophy and business model.

The traditional "fixed-product to consumer model", whether retail or digital, is "just more limited" compared to those where the "game is connected, alive," and bristling with "valuable features."

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LightofDarkness2382d ago

Yay, more gouging. I really don't like where gaming is headed, in terms of how it is delivered and how the content is owned. Everyone needs to resist this sort of thing, it puts FAR too much power in the hands of publishers.

Grimhammer002382d ago

Hear hear!

Been saying this for several yrs now. It's not good.
-no Internet no games
-prices will increase as market decreases; due to the fact that many European places have no Internet access. Some places in the US & Canada are Internet-less too.
-loss of control....just yesterday EA banned cheaters on bf3. Good. But they also deleted Origin accounts....or restricted access. This locked paid content put from legit purchases. Cheaters still owned the content they paid for!
-retail stores losing revenue that will cripple and create even more job loss.
-lag. Omg!
-and to insult us even more....these services, cloud gaming....I promise you will be more expensive than gaming is now. You'll initially think its a deal...but this is big buisness. They'll figure out a model that makes us think it's cheaper...but most of us will end up spending more.

LightofDarkness2382d ago

They'll make it very attractive and keep the prices low so more people jump on-board. Eventually, it will become the norm, the expected format in which all games are played. Then, devs will begin complaining about bandwidth expenses, or how it's so expensive to keep track of so many users and develop content, so they keep charging for more and more little things. Eventually you will be playing singleplayer modes on a per-episode/mission/quest basis, buying only the RIGHT to play them as long as the content holder acknowledges that right (the Origin banning fiasco shows they have the power to deny you access to your legitimate purchases), and you will be continuously nickel-and-dimed for a vast array of superfluous or artificial reasons which really translate to "you keep giving us money when we ask for it, so we'll keep asking." People need to start saying no pretty damn quickly or it's all going down the tubes.

Saryk2382d ago

Our pastime needs a enema!

cogniveritas2382d ago

I like my games as a product that is to be purchased and owned by me rather than a usable service that is owned and provided by them.

Grimhammer002382d ago

I think MS feels like they have no choice. Their pride will not allow them to adopt blu-ray.

If Sony sticks to blu-ray....MS is done.

(let's not forget bandwidth issues! Netflix, & live cloud would kill most of us!)