MIGS: First Details On flOwer

While delivering a discussion on the challenges of evoking unique emotions for video games at the Montreal International Games Summit, Kellee Santiago revealed new details on the development of her studio's second project, flOwer. The project was announced at this September's Tokyo Game Show but details were scant.

Santiago described the project, which is the spiritual follow up to the popular PlayStation Network game flOw, as thatgamecompany's "first game outside the safety net of academia." Based on Santiago's talk, it's clear that the game will be based at least partly around raising flowers alongside more traditional gameplay elements based on emotional responses to challenges consistent with the natural environment.

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Skerj3886d ago

Man this game shot up to being one of my most anticipated PSN originals in relatively short time. ThatGameCompany kicked ass with flOw with its deceptively deep hypnotic gameplay, Cloud on PC is pretty awesome as well. I can't wait to see what this one is like. These are the type of games we need to move the industry.

Omegasyde3886d ago

seriosly I am still thinking this game is going to be like that boring japanese bird game.

Yet Sony still shot down my Pinball game using the 6 axis... but fund this game....

The Killer3886d ago

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Skerj3886d ago

Dude don't do that, you'll be no better than the "xbots" you're talking about.

Bombomb3886d ago

Stupid fanboy....

What is sony going soft on us? FLOWER?

Skerj3886d ago (Edited 3886d ago )

No they're not going soft, ThatGameCompany has a track record for some offbeat HIGHLY innovative games. Flower seems to follow it, I for one can't wait considering how much I love flOw. Stuff like this is crucial in pushing games as an artform and into new territories. We've all played "Shooter 20983742098372" but don't you want to play something DIFFERENT sometimes?

Sony's doing good with the PSN by pushing it to indie devs to get some games that major publishers probably wouldn't touch. Back in the day there was Vib Ribbon, LOVED THAT GAME. This stuff looks to be continuing it and as long as it does they have a customer in me and quite a lot of my friends.

The Killer3886d ago

am not a fanboy!! and i dont care about any fanboys but xrots and the whole media is against the sony fans thats y i have to back up the victims!! if u go to gamespot and post anything against 360 u will be finished and even banned from commenting on gamepot!!
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Skerj3886d ago

I know what you were getting at and why, but seriously it's a console war between fanboys it's not THAT major. The best way for you to "combat" them per se is to not stoop to that level of childish behavior. Do this by utilizing on topic well thought out posts, not resorting to petty insults, recognize that there are good games on more systems than just the one you own, and don't piss on strictly 360 threads with stuff that shouldn't have been there.

The last one kinda ties into the first one, but it happens enough anyway, as you can see they're kind of doing it now in this thread that had NOTHING to do with the 360 whatsoever. Be better than that man that's all I'm saying.

The Killer3886d ago

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Skerj3886d ago

Certain people you can't reason with, I've found the "Ignore" feature is working quite well for me.

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greenenvy3886d ago

the ps3 is still this piece of **** that seems to play games like flower, WTF is flower supposed to be!?!?

i would rather play grand theft auto 4 or warhound & battlefield 1942, thank u very much........

the ps3 is a crappy system that people buy for all the ***** otaku games all the time, and it just makes no sense........

having some good games which obviously it does, is not the same as having a game everyone respects......

i admit the xbox360 has its own games like this sometimes, that crazy idolmaster game is a perfect example that will only sell in japan....

but on the other side, the ps3 mainly has games like final fantasy 13..

i don't see anything too special about this at all, good or whatever else......

but on the xbox360, i see games like dis:

and they blow my ******* mind, and make me realize why i bought 360 only to begin with!!!!!!!

**** do these games look incredible, thats some of these eastern games and western games both ....

but im not stupid.........grand theft auto 4 still grabs...

saints row 2 and the like are still far far better because they are western....

this is what i dont understand......flower and the like look [email protected] as hell, how the **** can anyone say this is worth it?

give me half life 3 over that any day >:-D

360 FULL FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Skerj3886d ago

Did you even read the article about the game? For one this is an original PSN title, take a look at XBLA and see the myriads of BS that are abound on there. Oooh yay I can play Joust in HD!! Seriously man, take a chill pill. The Devs are trying something fresh and new other than "open world clone 17" "fps 297" and "generic RPG with a shoddy story and no character development 29372037", yet you're complaining?

greenenvy3886d ago

and that was pretty fun to play for once and so was naruto on 360.....

uncharted was far more groundbreaking then some game where you......i don't even want to know what the point of flower is

but thats what I mean, its [email protected]@@y games like this that turn so many people off to the ps3 automatically....

just like somebody who's not a fan of action games is turned off by the 360, that's life.....

Skerj3886d ago

But did you even read any of what the game is about, or did you just come to the conclusion that it's "gay" because of the name? They didn't even list everything on the game, just first details and already it sounds pretty damn interesting. Games like this does not detract from the PS3, if anything it'll help Sony because it shows that they're willing to do things not a lot of publishers will do.

Thus more Indie studios will flock to do original PSN titles (which is what this is) and it will flourish with games you can't play anywhere else. THAT'S what Sony is striving for and I'm glad they are, it's going to distinguish the PSN titles from XBLA and Nintendo's own Virtual Console.

Jinxstar3886d ago

Dude if you think that looks good try this exclusive PS3 game.

That is using the ingame engine entirely... I'm sorry but you absoloutely cant beat that imho... nothing against the 360 seriosuly I'm a huge fan but dude. Give respect where respect is due is all. The PS3 has insane potential... flower looks new and innovative. At least they are trying new stuff all the time... not just going with tried and true... nothing wrong with that. If you dont like new IP's like Uncharted go play halo. Nothing wrong with that but dont say PS3 is worthless thats just ignorant.

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wh0am13886d ago

after reading that, i am even more interested in this game
i can't wait to see how it actually plays

i loved fl0w BTW