Bethesda Urges Fans To Remain Patient Regarding Technical Issues On Consoles

GB : Skyrim is having some issues on the PS3 and Xbox 360 as you all know. PS3 version is experiencing heavy slowdown as we reported here, and the Xbox 360 version has some texture streaming issues. Bethesda has mentioned that they are looking at these problems but they haven't mentioned an ETA for the patch.

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Nitrowolf22350d ago (Edited 2350d ago )

The PS3 version (Only console I have)Framerate gets really hectic. Some said after 10 hous, but I didn't notice until after 20 hours. Already finished the main quest, I think it just has to do with all the locations I have been finding lately. There are so many quests in this game it's insane.
I hope it gets fixed, one of the best games I have ever played this gen.

teething2350d ago

I LOVE Bethesda games, but this is why I buy/play them 1 year after release. It saves me money and headaches.

I am only playing New Vagas now, although even now it has it's side mission bugs and freezing issues, just less than when it came out.

raWfodog2350d ago

I don't plan to wait that long but I'm with you on waiting a while after release. I want to get it for xmas but only if they have the big problems worked out. I want a smooth experience when I play for the first time.

limewax2350d ago

Honestly I don't think the bugs are anywhere near as bad as they are being made out to be, With a Bethesda release now the console is usually more stable than the PC. I'm playing on PC here and every fault I have encountered can be defeated by reloading.

It is certainly not as broken as the Fallout games were on consoles for me. You probably won't be waiting long to play it since it's a much smoother experience

kneon2350d ago

Yes this seems to be par for the course with Bethesda in my experience. I just wait for the GOTY edition with all the extra's thrown in and some of the worst bugs fixed.

EVILDEAD3602350d ago

I'm playing on the 360 and don't have 'texture issues' at all.

I read later the people who had issues loaded it to their hard drive.

It plays perfectly right out of the box.

The game and the experience is absolutely amazing.

I'm sure Bethseda will address the issues as every developer does.


scotchmouth2350d ago

I was going to wait myself. Glad I didn't. I don't have as much playtime as I just picked it up but 3 to 4 hours into it I really haven't. Had problems. That said I am glad they are on this already.

Perhaps it will be patched before I get to any problem areas. Totally taking my time with this one! What a good experience

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Tired2350d ago

Wow i've had barely ANY framerate drops. Though the menu ystem paused heavily before I could select anything on my second 3rd and subsequent plays have been fine.

Ren_2350d ago

The menu system is usually unusable for me for about 10seconds while it autosaves after doing certain actions.

You can switch off autosave if you don't want the delay.

FlashXIII2350d ago

Not noticed any problems yet however patience is something people should have before they pay money for the game not after.

Sokol2350d ago

I loved Oblivion and Fallout 3 but i have learned its best to wait for few patches before purchase.

Skyrim is one of few very anticipated must have games for me but i will wait until Christmas once 2-3 patches are released.

Bethesda needs more time with testing but with deadlines and such a massive open world, few bugs are expected. Still must have game for rpg fans.

digger182350d ago (Edited 2350d ago )

If you patch the game before installing it on the PS3, it can cause framerate problems. It's best to install game first, then patch it. Well it did for me anyway. After I deleted, re-installed and then patched, the game ran way better

BigBoss072350d ago

Thanks for the tip. I'll try this out to see if it runs better for me. Once, I've been in the game for about 10 hours or long periods of time I guess, the framerate drops fast and starts to stutter.

kevnb2350d ago

I bet the fix will be dlc, lol

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