Christina Hendricks talks Video Games and Need For Speed: The Run

On AMC's Mad Men, Christina Hendricks plays sexy secretary Joan Holloway, a woman with strong opinions about everything that takes place in the office.

Hendricks has a starring role in a new video game, Need for Speed: The Run. USA Today met up with her at the swanky Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, where she was doing interviews to plug Electronic Arts' Speed, which will be released Tuesday.

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kasasensei2316d ago

I don't care about the game, really, but that woman is really beautiful.

ATi_Elite2316d ago

She's very curvaceous and H-O-T!

I fell in love with her the moment she started dogging Apple products. lol

Der_Kommandant2316d ago

Her breasts have its own gravity

Blaze9292316d ago

yeah..keep on talking...*giggity*

Fishy Fingers2316d ago

Good knows why gamers still have the old stimas attatched to them....

Dno2316d ago

yes its called being a man.

If i bring this women around a jets game the men will act the same. Lets stop acting like gamer men are any different then men who see cheerlearders , movies, TV shows Etc.

This girl is hot and thats the bottom line.

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The story is too old to be commented.