OXCGN’s Metal Gear Solid: HD Collection Review: Best Deal Since The Orange Box


"Metal Gear as a whole is a series that causes me to use a word that, as a critic, I really shouldn’t: masterpiece.

"The Metal Gear Solid: HD Collection is an agglomeration of masterpieces, and if you haven’t experienced them prior, it’s a deal that makes The Orange Box pale in comparison."

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Belgavion2218d ago

Indeed, there's literally months upon months worth of value in this release

gaminoz2218d ago

The only problem I have with the series are the long convoluted cut scenes. MGS4 is still my fav though

kingdavid2218d ago (Edited 2218d ago )

The irony of your comment. :P

MGS 4 contains easily the most cutscenes in the series

DigitalAnalog2218d ago

In the opening comic scene for peace walker, did they use the SONY walkman in the 360 version?

C L O U D2218d ago

Good question...I'll also like to know

Eske2218d ago (Edited 2218d ago )

I'm definitely a fan of the series, but comparing Kojima to Homer is crazy talk. Some restraint and subtlety would serve him well.

3 was probably my favorite, though I'd like to give peace walker a shot.