NFS The Run Takes Online Pass Farce to New Levels

Not content with locking people out of online play if they dont have the online pass, EA have taken things a step further with NFS The Run, blocking photos that you've taken in game and stored on your Harddrive(!) to those with the Online Pass!

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hiredhelp2435d ago

WOW Thats pathetic makes no sense.

Plambey2435d ago

definately. whatever about locking the online play but this is pushing it

DirtyLary2435d ago

It's simple, thank GameStop and their used game sales.

FunAndGun2435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

But you can buy a USED copy of Batman at GameStop and still get the Catwoman DLC code for FREE that should be $10.

They want to STOP the used game sales, but they give the LARGEST used game sale company a free pass?

If you think this is GameStops fault you are crazy. It has to do with creating as much revenue as possible. So now GameStop is working WITH these publishers so they can both roll in more of your money.

Enigma_20992435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

And do you know why there are used game sales? I blame high game prices and greedy publishers... and to h*** with Gamestop.

By all the time, you mean when sales of their game start to dry up, and they have to lower the price in order to get anyone to buy them, because it wasn't worth $60+, right? I guarantee you as long as a game's sales stay consistent, you will NEVER see a price drop.

You want to back them for coming up with sneakier ways to deter the sale of used games, fine. But you people act like buying used is just as d***ing as stealing it. Some people, like myself, can live without online play. The only reason they wanted to push it so aggressively was just so they could do stuff like this anyway.

If they had their way, I bet they'd use this online pass crap to completely gimp offline play. They'd force you to play online just so they can do this.

As far as Gamestop goes, you can blame them for AIDS for all I care. Like I said earlier, to h** with them.

Plambey2435d ago

is this pushing it too far though? i mean, its called "Online Pass" but they're not restricting what is essentially an offline feature. where does it end?

kasasensei2435d ago

An online pass to see your own screenshots? hahaha omg seriously..

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The story is too old to be commented.