Afterfall: InSanity Interview | Intoxicate Studios On Scares, FearLock & Fire Axes! [Dealspwn] sits down with Afterfall: InSanity's gameplay designer to discuss how they plan to make an effective Indie survival horror title.

"Dealspwn: Most recent triple-A horror games have done an incredibly poor job of actually scaring their audience. As an Indie studio with the freedom to innovate, how do you plan to terrify us with AfterFall: Insanity?

Majka: That's a good question, in our opinion, anxiety is a key to the atmosphere of a survival game. Not fear exactly because that is momentary. We tried to build a hounded, psychotic and claustrophobic atmosphere. Of course the whole story circulates around inexplicable situations which are a strong stimulus to increase fear. Also the creation of monsters and types of audio will be your trigger to going insane."

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