10 Top Tips For Assassin’s Creed: Revelations

Nick Silversides from The Average Gamer provides 10 top tips to help would-be assassin's survive in Constantinople including how to get rid of your Templar Awareness (formerly known as notoriety).

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GamingManiac2318d ago

Tips for defending the damn dens would be more useful, got any? Good list nonetheless :D

CaptSkyRocket2318d ago

Thanks for the comment.

I don't have any defending dens tips as I've managed to avoid playing the Tower Defence game by dumping my Templar awareness using some of the tips :-)

GamingManiac2318d ago

Yeah, the templar awareness ininfo came a little late lol have to defend 3 dens now, been ignoring them tho xD

CaptSkyRocket2318d ago

GamingManiac - Good luck with the den defending. Yeah, you can ignore them for ages. Good plan!