Skyward Sword is the first Zelda game for everyone - Aonuma

Legend Of Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma has claimed that The Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword is the first Zelda game that everyone can enjoy.

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zerocrossing2466d ago

Care to elaborate on that one? or are you just making your daily trolling rounds? Which would be kind of ironic given your user name.

DeleteThisxx2466d ago

Probably the typical "Oh no, they're making the games accessible to everyone" argument. As if that means it's somehow "easier."

Alos882466d ago

What an incredibly in depth and persuasive argument!

zerocrossing2466d ago

I know right? "Nintendo sucks" no, that's vacuum cleaners stupid!

No wonder these people complain about the Wii.

ssb31732462d ago

LOOOOOL, this guy eeds to elaborate on opinions, how can you say that without giving a justified argument

Pikajew2466d ago

You mean Kirby sucks up enemies to get their abilities.

Tanir2466d ago

zelda can be easier? if that happens the game will just play itself

zerocrossing2466d ago

Exactly. If people purchase a Zelda game expecting a good challenge they are gonna be disappointed, the fact is Zelda has never been a challenge (par a few of the earlier titles) other than that its maintained fair accessibility while giving the fans what they want.

Skyward Sword is no Demons Souls/Dark Souls, it never will be and has no intention of becoming that way, what it does do is add good amount of adventuring and puzzles, it's challenging enough to at least make you stop, think and then face palm for ever trying to over think something that really is very simple.

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krontaar2466d ago

beat it yesterday, was pretty fun but it does get repetitive going to the same areas over and over again, and sealing the same demon 3 times. Combat is great, but the puzzles are really easy.

CaptainMarvelQ82466d ago

That is what I hate from devs,making it playable to different kinds of people,(AKA making it mainstream).This completely drains my respect for such developers,because when the hardcore fans of the series keep buying your game for what it is,only to see that it has changed to make the game easier,more accessible,it means that you have quit on them and stopped paying them back for the support they've given you all those years.

zerocrossing2466d ago

I've only done the 3 temples so far, but the difficulty seems on par with OoT and WW.

The only thing I would complain about is the bosses so far they haven't been much of a challenge, but were they ever really?