Mario Kart Wii bundle loses GameCube support, just in time for the holidays

"Racing fans start your engines, because Nintendo is releasing the ultimate Mario Kart Wii bundle this year," Nintendo's press release reads. Of course this bundle – featuring a black Wii, black Wii Wheel, and a copy of Mario Kart Wii – looks an awful lot like the existing Mario Kart Wii bundle. So what makes this bundle "the ultimate" one? Simple. It's got the "newly-configured" Wii console, of course!

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Vortex3D2316d ago

Out of 3 consoles, X360 is the only one left that has BC with some of the Xbox games. Will be interesting if Nintendo will try to sell GameCube as download like PS2 games as download on PS3.

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gamingdroid2316d ago (Edited 2316d ago )

This only applies to the UK, thank God!

Let's hope we get BC next generation!!! ... and no more removal of features.

--Onilink--2316d ago

i think the bundle is also coming to NA, but its not going to replace the old ones...(which doesnt really make sense but whatever...)

meganick2316d ago

Nope, this bundle is in America as well. I've seen it at several stores.

PygmelionHunter2316d ago

They will sell Gamecube games through the Wii U's virtual console, and I'm all in for that, I hope it gets more attention than the old Wii's virtual console tho.

kreate2316d ago

according to gamestop. xbox doesnt really hav backwards compatibility. its limited.

that is why gamestop doesnt take xbox games for trade ins when they accepted ps2 and gamecube games.

thats what gamestop emailed me back when I complained about gamestop not accepting original xbox games as trade ins.

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