Girl of Warcraft: Why does WoW presume I'm a guy?

About 20% of World of Warcraft players are women. So why does Blizzard assume everyone will play like a dude, asks Made2Game's Mellanie Moore

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MJF2470d ago

This is a really great article, Mellanie.

Back when I used to play WoW, despite being a guy I played a female Draenei with very little clothing and kept getting hit on by horny dwarves. The issue of (whisper it) sexism in games is quite hot at the moment, and certainly goes hand-in-hand with the similar issue of how sexuality is portrayed in comics. I guess developers still believe that all people who play games are teenage boys who also read comics, and that for some reason, in the eyes of this imaginary demographic, the best protection against a hail of bullets / magic fireball / six-foot broadsword is a chainmail bikini.

Even as a guy with an average level of appreciation for the female form (i.e. I like boobies) a looking forward to the day when developers (and, indeed, comic artists) realise it's perfectly possible for a woman to save the world without her navel showing.


ChrisW2470d ago

My only qualm with WoW's females is the artwork style. There's just something really odd and... well... ugly about it.

The male characters, on the other hand, fit the artwork style perfectly.

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Pro_TactX2470d ago

I stopped reading at "If you are in a 10 man raid, two people will have Y chromosomes". How can I take the author seriously if she doesn't even know what chromosomes she has?

Captain Qwark 92470d ago


and this game needs a sequel them graphics are terrible, i havent played this since 2008, it didnt age well imo