WB acknowledges Batman: Arkham City save glitch, asks for user reports

Batman: Arkham City players have been experiencing save data loss on Xbox 360 since the launch of the game. Publisher WB hasn't had anything to say regarding the extremely unfortunate bug until last night, when it published a survey on its official forum asking afflicted users for details.

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BattleTorn2348d ago (Edited 2348d ago )

Never would I have believe that TWO of my game purchases (this year) would be from WB. (both which I loved)

Arkham City, and the other being LOTR:WitN

Dear, WB. I'll keep an eye out for more ;)

AliTheBrit4202348d ago

Was almost finished with the game and it happened to me :( wasn't long before skyrim and other big titles so couldnt be bothered starting over and traded in

Yo Mama2348d ago

Mine tried to tell me that I didn't have any save data as well. I just backed out to the title screen and tried it again, and it was there. Haven't had any problems since.

Goozex2348d ago

Lol should have got it for ps3 .