Halo: Anniversary maps now available to download for Halo: Reach

XMNR: Microsoft added the Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary map pack to Xbox LIVE on Tuesday for Halo: Reach owners that want to try their hand at the updated maps but don't want to pay for the full game.

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guigsy2320d ago

Interesting that they've decided release the maps day on date with Anniversary. Guess it means they can integrate with the Reach community straight away.

SixZeroFour2320d ago

wasnt that known to be the plan ever since CEA was announced?

Intentions2320d ago

Yup. And it was explained why too.

Queasy2320d ago

Pretty much. I still think there's a bunch of people who don't quite understand how the multiplayer is setup though based on feedback I've gotten.

Starbucks_Fan2320d ago

AGH! I can't wait to buy this game! Still waiting for my friend to fix my Halo 3 360.

jdktech20102320d ago

Picked up CEA and the campaign is amazing so far through the first hour...I played through it before but it just seems so much better with the updated graphics

I also played Hang Em' High and wrecked.....I forgot how fun Halo MP can be with the Call of Dutys and Battlefields of the world out there. I'm thoroughly impressed so far as they obviously took great care with this game. Remake or not I'm less worried about Halo 4 and 343 now.

MerkinMax2320d ago

Once you watch all the terminals, your excitement for Halo 4 will increase a lot. I am really looking forward to Halo 4 now based on what Guilty Spark said in the terminals.

jdktech20102320d ago

Is it hard to find those? As blasphemous as it sounds, I was never the treasure hunting type in there one in each level or how are they laid out?

MerkinMax2319d ago

1 per level. You could just watch them on YT lol

jdktech20102319d ago

eh, I'll probalby end up doing that....they would look much better on my 51" plasma in HD though...just saying