Modern Warfare 3 Smashes Week One Sales Record

Seb Parker "After last week's announcement of Modern Warfare 3 debuting to massive first day sales, it should come as no surprise to learn first week sales have topped 12 million units, the biggest launch of all time in the videogame industry."

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Kantor2385d ago

I'm really getting tired of MW3 selling this well when it's pretty much the same game every year.

gamingdroid2385d ago

I'm really getting tired of people complaining about CoD's success. Go play your other games!

cyborg69712385d ago (Edited 2385d ago )

This game sucks I just brought another friend to the Bf3 side. I'm trading this pos sorry excuse of a game back for Uc3. Can't lie I tried to like it but its junk.

Maps suck spawns suck everything about this game screams cash grab just like all of the others after four.

Trainz2385d ago

I'm really getting tired of people telling people tired of seeing MW3 selling so well to go play other games.

snipes1012385d ago

Thank you gaming droid. It's as if the people that "hate" the game are more worried about the damn thing than the people who play and love it. I see less people saying "CoD rocks!" than people saying "screw cod, go bf3!"

Why aren't you battlefield fans just playing the game you love instead of bashing on another's success?

ECM0NEY2385d ago


The same reason religious groups travel the world trying to convert people.


AdmiralSnake2385d ago

Gamingdroid, best comment on this article.

They know COD will sell well every year, and they continue to complain and cry, this site is filled with children.

ZippyZapper2385d ago

People will always hate on the top dog. Like sports, the 2nd and 3rd place teams and the fans hate on the team that keeps winning. When that team wins again all the excuses come flying with reasons why they lost. Just read the excuses up and down this post.

Tr10wn2385d ago


Thanks for buying the game, will see you next year :D

You can trash talk all you want but you brought the game, i didn't like Origins plus battlelog or 30 FPS on console for BF3 so i didn't buy it, dont like it? don't support it easy, the "is the same game every year" is nonsense, CoD has been the same since COD4, why change it now? their are not loosing nothing right, you? lol i like every COD, can't say the same for BF sorry EA killed it with their "Features" no steam no buy that's it, and i have been playing BF since BF2.

Army_of_Darkness2385d ago

You traded uncharted 3 for mw3?! WTF is wrong with you?! And now you have the nerve to complain about it, plus mention the fact that it was getting milked after cod4?! Do you even realize how ridiculous you sound?!

I didn't buy mw3, cause I don't care for it but regardless, I have two words for activision... Well played!

pedo_across-the-road2384d ago (Edited 2384d ago )

The saddest part is when ever i come to n4g, all i see is battlefield 3 fanboys saying only children play COD and yet battlefield 3 fanboys are the ones who act like little immature WANKERS!

You see the irony there.

jeseth2384d ago

Glad to see the BF fanboys are still out in full force. So sick of their tired and immature act. STFU and go play BF if its so great.

Anyone who has played MW3 can say it's the best COD since MW. Killstreaks are more balanced, weapons too, maps have eliminated the ability for people to camp all day, new game modes are awesome (kill confirmed), etc. MW3 is a really good and much needed installment. They made the game less gimped and catered to mediocre players like Black Ops was.

I just think the BF fanboys are butthurt that all those months of propaganda and generic stereotypical insults to COD didn't do a thing except show other gamers how petty and immature BF players are.

Its been funny to watch play out really! 12 million in one week! WOW. BF3 will be luck to sell that much in its life cycle.

flankhim2384d ago

Yeah. Go play other games if you dont like it. It sells for a reason. Its better then everything else out there.

da_2pacalypse2384d ago

MW3 sales are like Justin Beiber CD sales... it means nothing. It's not because of quality or anything in that nature... It's just the "cool" thing for douchy kids to do these days...

Dee_912384d ago

say wuuuuut a cod sold millions ?
shocked face

Its cool to wonder why games like cod madden fifa sell so well but it turns totally fanboyish when you get mad because it sells well

nycredude2384d ago

I'm just tired of gamingdroid period.

I am proud to say I am not part of this sales chart. Spent my money on Skyrim, Uncharted 3 and Batman instead. I like quality games. Besides I still have my copy of COD 4, which imo is still the best one.

gamingdroid2384d ago (Edited 2384d ago )

***I'm just tired of gamingdroid period.***

We on are tired of you too, that is why the community voted to give you less opportunity to share your opinion.

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RioKing2385d ago

Waaah, cod sells so well year after year even though its the same game! Waaaaaaaah.

Keep on hating, calling it a broken game....whatever. Fact is, millions of people love what cod IS, not what it would be if it was changed. If not, they wouldn't keep coming back for more. For every "disappointed" mw3 buyer, there are thousands of happy gamers :)

frostypants2385d ago

Millions of people also like Nickelback.

Check and mate...

RioKing2385d ago (Edited 2385d ago )

lol fail.

If anything's good enough for millions of people to like, then that "anything" has something great going for it. Nickelback isn't my cup of tea at all, but whether you like it or not that group has a massive fanbase for a reason....cod does also.

I don't understand where all the hate on cod comes from, my guess is most people love to sip on haterade all day; because this game that is so popular isn't exactly what they're into. Cod is arcade-y, but so what? is burnout. Where is all the "oh Burnout is soo easy to pick up and play, any noob can do it. But GT5, that's a REAL racing game" talk?

Pretty much, anything negative you can say about cod I can either legitimately call BS on, or say the same thing about of your favorite games.

And one more thing, to the sheep that like to say that MW3 is the same game as cod4: Go play cod4 for a whole day, then come back to mw3. If you still see no difference, you're obviously half-retarded and partially blind. The only thing cod4 still has going for it is that it's still the most balanced call of duty game.

Tr10wn2385d ago


Now days everything that is popular suck in the eyes of.... N4G? lol Silent Majority always win.

Most of the people hating the game know that COd will not change in this gen but they still keep buying it, then go to a forum, blog w/e so people can read their story of why COD is a bad game when clearly is not, it has its problems like every other game but is not a bad game.

frostypants2384d ago

RioKing, it's called marketing and mass psychology. No, something being popular DOESN'T make it great. I'm stunned anyone would say such a thing.

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darthv722385d ago

its an activision thing. Where you should get worried is when you see all the other big companies doing the same thing.

Seasonal updates to uncharted, killzone, halo, gears, mario, zelda...etc.

Not likely going to happen from the likes of those companies. Especially for those games.

AdmiralSnake2385d ago

Everybody who has tried the COD formula has failed, they need to create their own formula and stay true to those franchises, instead of trying to imitate COD.

vortis2385d ago (Edited 2385d ago )

What do you mean don't worry about it?
That's why a bunch of other shooters HAVE failed.

You can name any other shooter this year that wasn't CoD/BF and it's most likely NOT getting a sequel or the studio behind it shutdown.

These companies could have been doing other games in other genres but the success of CoD is one NO publisher will forego. They'll force studios to try their hand at Generic Warfare Shooter #353 and when it tanks the pubs demolish the dev studio and move on to the next project.

I love it how gamers have drunk so much of the Activision Kool-Aid that the rest of the industry can fold in around CoD and it's still roses, unicorn farts and mermaid burps for them.

snipes1012385d ago

No, Vortis, it really doesn't force them to do anything. You know what made CoD successful to begin with? The unique leveling system introduced in CoD4. It brought something fresh to the table that people are still eating up to this day.

What these other studios that want to take a chunk out of the shooter market need to do is not imitate, but innovate. Its innovation that made CoD successful and if they can do it, anyone else can. It is obviously up for debate whether or no CoD is still innovating at all (it isn't really), but what got them to where they are now is the fresh dish they brought to the table in 2007.

All it takes is for a studio to come up with the next big thing and BAM you've got a success.

Caffo012385d ago

@ Snipes101
"All it takes is for a studio to come up with the next big thing and BAM you've got a success"

i don't think it's so easy... BF innovated with destructible environments but it took 3 games to become popular, MAG innovated with massive 256 players battles ..most ppl will still play cod over any other shooter and that's so sad..

jeseth2384d ago

@ darth ...

I know, kind of like how there have been 13 "Battlefield" brand games released in the last 10 years. I wish they'd stop milking these games. . .

I mean, all BF3 is is BFBC2 with new skins .....OHHHH SNAP

snipes1012384d ago

I have to disagree that destructible environments can bring more to the table than a leveling system filled to the brim with perks, challenges, character customization and other features. Put that next to being able to blow a building up and I can't say that's as attractive an offer. Yes, there are many who disagree, but destructible environments clearly aren't enough. Neither are prettier visuals because when it comes down to it video games are meant to be played, not stared at (though there isn't anything wrong with a game being pretty).

As for MAG, I can't really comment on it because I never had the chance to play it, but I never heard good things about it and chances are it failed for a reason.

And as I said, its coming up with the next BIG thing, not just innovating. There are many innovative titles out there that flopped. Psychonauts and Oakami are prime examples of this.

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PetitPiPi2385d ago (Edited 2385d ago )

So let me get this straight. You're getting tired of a game YOU DON'T PLAY because it sells so well? Okay.

You must be burnt out fulltime dude.

whothedog2385d ago

I'm getting tired.... Really.

thugfears2385d ago

you mad bro. Get over it

jeseth2384d ago

Hahahahah ...

"U mad bro?"


FlareDReborn2385d ago (Edited 2385d ago )

No mater how much truth is in your comment you still got disagreed.

ATi_Elite2385d ago (Edited 2385d ago )

I understand your pain cause COD selling so well will have publishers forcing Devs to make more COD clones instead of pushing the boundaries with new I.P.s and game play.

It's almost as if consoles have been collecting dust waiting for a new COD release. There are really a TON of good quality games out there but with COD getting all the spot light how will that effect the future Development of other titles?

My other concern is.....when will people get tired of this COD SHITE? It's the same friggin game as MW1 just with a 3 on the box. Same hacks, same perks, same glitches, same lag! You just paid $60 for MW1 for the 4th time!!!!

Oh well....i can only let them enjoy their COD and wonder what the next big thing will be or will Activision ever make another I.P. that lack the letters CODMW?

Thank goodness for the PC and all the cool MMO's coming out cause every console FPS is getting a yearly sequel.

vortis2385d ago


I'm so glad you brought an air of common sense to the stuffy room full of the musty sweat of CoD's smelly rehashed whore's breath.

How other gamers can pay that prostitute $60 a year is beyond me, but turning the same tricks every year would get boring if you had an I.Q. that excelled beyond the single (and in some cases double) digit columns.

Oschino19072384d ago

"My other concern is.....when will people get tired of this COD SHITE? It's the same friggin game as MW1 just with a 3 on the box. Same hacks, same perks, same glitches, same lag! You just paid $60 for MW1 for the 4th time!!!!"

Wow someone more cynical then Stan Marsh but you say everyone else is"drinking the kool aid". Come up with something original instead of the same copy and paste generic "I hate cod" qoutes that are more worn out then cod will ever be.

flyinrhyno2384d ago

When will people get tired of world of warcraft? or rpgs? or sports games? i wanna know when will people get tired of hating?

Jappy-k72385d ago Show
StayStatic2384d ago

*Sees VG chartz*

*Sees Desk*

*Face Hits Desk*

Rageanitus2384d ago

Well the game is alright and the formula of the game is gr8 for the casual market. Why re-invent the wheel when they know ppl will still ENJOY it.

Look at most of the Nintendo franchises...

Hell I wish they ID made another quake 3

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Seece2385d ago

I think is the peak for the franchise, I really can't see it getting any bigger!

RioKing2385d ago

People said that with mw2.

ME19892385d ago

Haven't heard that one before.

ATi_Elite2385d ago (Edited 2385d ago )

Call of Duty has become the new Friday the 13th!

we all know exactly whats gonna happen and we know the quality is gonna be mediocre but we watch it anyway. I'm starting to think they sprinkle crack in the COD code or something.

COD is the unstoppable force and World of Warcraft is the immovable object. Activision/Blizzard print their own money!!!!

COD/WOW the more we hate the BIGGER they get.

flyinrhyno2384d ago

Uhh i havent watched a friday the 13th past the second one. so if you dont wanna support the game dont spend the money. It has nothing to do with sprinkles of crack my friend , its just the easiet to control fps ever along with new innovations every year. they perfected the formula a long time ago and every year they polish it and tweak it and it gets better every year.

Solidus187-SCMilk2385d ago

"everytime you masturbate a ninja chops the head off of a kitten....."

I remember that pic in your avatar with that quote on it from back in the day.

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Runa2162385d ago

not surprising, and I agree with Kantor. I like Modern Warfare and all, but this "yearly installment with no real advancements and a lackluster campaign mode" stuff has got to stop. Didn't activision learn with Tony Hawk and Guitar Hero?

Seece2385d ago

To be fair those franchises never saw this kind of growth, Act might as well milk it whilst they have the chance.

Runa2162385d ago

I dunno, Guitar Hero went from 4 million units to 15 million units in one year, that's a hell of a jump I'd say, and look where that ended up.

Runa2162385d ago

Also: I'd be okay with this if they only had a deep and engaging plot, not a 3.5 hour "Michael Bay on Steroids" pathetic excuse for storytelling.

Noticeably_FAT2385d ago

The MW3 plot was far better and much better executed then Battlefield 3. Also, the campaign on normal on MW3 is around 7.5 hours. I've done it now on normal and I'm finishing it on Veteran right now, I'm at around the 11 hour mark.

Call Of Duty is much more then a game, it's something that everyone loves, maybe not the N4G crowd, but N4G is the major minority..Thank god..

Otherwise we'd all be playing really bad games and watching soccer instead of football ect...

Call Of Duty is also in no danger of ending or fading out, because every year even more people are becoming fans. This might be the first COD experience for some people, people are so ignorant and don't think things like that.

I know some people who buy only the IW MW COD games, and some that only buy the TA COD games, so it's not as saturated as people try to make it out.

People have and always will hate on success. I love the series and think MW3 is the best MW game. Congrats to Activision and IW/Sledgehammer Games, I'm also very pleased that all the hype around Battlefield 3 netted them 0 (ZERO) of the COD pie.

PetitPiPi2385d ago

Like BF3's easy ass campaign on HARD was any better.

Halochampian2385d ago

"I'm also very pleased that all the hype around Battlefield 3 netted them 0 (ZERO) of the COD pie."

I have to disagree... I see plenty of selfish COD players running around BF now ruining my experience.

swirldude2385d ago

They could revive those franchises in a cross over. Tony Hawk and Axel Steel as noob commandos. It works with NBA players in the CoD commercials.

Getowned2385d ago

how do you know there cod players and don't just suck LOL

BattleTorn2385d ago

Until GTA V is released!

RioKing2385d ago

ehhh idk, yeah gta4 sold tons...but cod has reaalllly become a force to be reckoned with. It might be unbeatable, I guess we'll know next year..

BattleTorn2385d ago

Well... analyst are predicting GTA V to "shatter" COD release records.

Take Two has boldly predicted 22m sales.

vortis2385d ago

Sorry but GTA V has intelligence, wit and humor to spare, something CoD fans don't like. They prefer five year old engines running on old fumes and graphics scrapped together from that crusty green stuff off cartidges. They can't tell the difference anyway.

And as ATI already brought out, there's a little bit of heroine in the code so your eyes get addicted to that crusty green stuff. Eventually, you can't stop and even if the signs are obvious that you're helping push the cow off the cliff, no one is going to let up...they need more of that crusty heroine-fuelled brainlessness.

Sadly, even Rockstar can't compete with Activision's new crackwhore...she may be old and skanky, but them boys love it that way.

ZippyZapper2385d ago

GTA V just might take COD down