History of a Hero: Klonoa

In the second entry of the History of a Hero series on The Gamers Hub, they look at the once popular Klonoa.

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StifflerK2352d ago

I really like Klonoa , I hope the first two games get a re-release on PSN.

CrescentFang2351d ago

My cousin and I really got excited when the remake of the first one hit the Wii. We hope to see another installment soon...

WillGuitarGuy2351d ago

I love the klonoa series. I'm also crossing my fingers for a PS2 classic re-release.

ShaunCameron2351d ago

I didn't know that Klonoa (Wii) was actually a remake of an old PS1 game until checked the YouTube videos. Cool game. Straightforward and easy until I got to the final 3 stages where it was cheap death galore.

Acquiescence2351d ago

The sequel is incredible as well. Wish the little fella wasn't such commercial poison so that we could get a third game, current-gen style.

Acquiescence2351d ago

That was supposed to read "platforming perfection."

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