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Apocwhen2435d ago

My friends say they can't even use it on their Consoles right now either.

r1sh122435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

On my xbox its on and off. Sometimes I can use it and other times I cant, but when I can use the xbox app some of the features dont fully work.
The site has issues,
however a mass email from the head of Elite was sent stating its unacceptable etc..
They have extended everyones elite subscription by 30 days and explained the reason why its been unreliable service:
first an overload of people signing up crashed the servers.
The second, once the login issues were fixed the number of people accessing the servers would overload them. So to fix it they are getting more servers etc...
I wonder how Elite Vs Battelog Vs will compare with each other.

fooxy2435d ago

Game didn't sold on PC so there is no point for this pointless service since it would not make any $$$ for Acivision.

skyward2435d ago

Also, no premium content so less $$$. Should have arrived ahead of launch. Poor.

Feckles2435d ago

Can't compete with Battlelog anyway.

TimmyShire2435d ago

PC gamers really are getting the short end of the stick with COD these days. Guess the console money is more guaranteed.

Does anyone even use Elite? I'm not bothering.

T9002435d ago

Good riddance, PC gamers arent like console gamers to buy the same game year on year.

gamernova2435d ago

Watch yourself, I'm a pc gamer and my list of games is impressive. Not only that but I can't trade em in if I get tired of em.

T9002435d ago

With how popular online passes are becoming, dont think console gamers will be trading too much either.

JsonHenry2435d ago

Most PC gamers quit this series a long time ago. Especially when we have a game like BF3 and Red Orchestra 2 that have more depth to it. And if we want a casual shoot fest we have a lot of games like Team Fortress 2, Counter Strike, and a plethora of other new and older games to play.

ATi_Elite2435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

Arma II
Red Orchestra 2
Battlefield 3
Counter Strike
Team Fortress 2
Day of Defeat
Nuclear Dawn
Planetside 2

are just a few reasons why PC Gamers do not give a dam about COD Elite. Actually COD still does sell a few million on the PC but no way are PC Gamers interested in COD Elite. COD is on Steam and that's good enough.

The only people getting the short end of the stick are those who paid for ELite and can't even use it.

Undeadwolfy2435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

Seriously... anybody surprised? Im surprised that it came to PS3 at all. Don't know even know if it works or not and don't care.

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