Sony PS Vita handheld "AMOLED" screen to confirm by Samsung

Zimbio: As we all know, Japan's Sony next-generation portable handheld gaming device PlayStation VITA with an unprecedented 5-inch AMOLED screen.

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ConanOBrien2378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )

IF it's true, Sony may need to reconfirm it's AMOLED, not OLED as stated in PS Vita website :

The old OLED was introduced way back in 2004. Fundamentally, no substantial differences between the OLED and AMOLED, but huge difference to Super AMOLED or S-AMOLED+ in 2011.

Parapraxis2378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )

I think you overstate the difference between Super AMOLED or S-AMOLED+.
It's not nearly as big a leap as going from standard old OLED to AMOLED.

Still, technically they are all OLED displays, just different iterations. So the Sony website is still accurate.
Samsung have stated (several times) they are producing AMOLED screens for the Vita... they don't need to "reconfirm" anything, nobody is questioning that point.

(seems to me you are just trying to usual)

Army_of_Darkness2378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )

Isn't Samsung owned by Sony? I'm sure they know exactly what they're doing.

Surfaced2378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )

Samsung is not owned by Sony. Samsung is Korean.

TheGamingArt2378d ago

Awesome read, I enjoy the higher refresh rates and lower power consumption the AMOLED offers over OLED. This seems to be quite a good move!

miyamoto2378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )

"and officially on sale next month, Sony PSP 'Playstation Vita' will also produce AMOLED products by SMD. " (Samsung Digital Display)


As if OLED is not good enough!

The PS Vita even trumps the Sony Ericsson Xperia Series flagship the Xperia Arc in terms of display!


Wow! The PlayStation appears to be Sony's baby department and getting all the high quality specs.

Its really too bad the PSV can't function as a phone because it could have been the ultimate gaming device.

I hope the games are as fantastic as well.

joeorc2378d ago

"Its really too bad the PSV can't function as a phone because it could have been the ultimate gaming device."

With 3G PSVita an with SKYPE you can use it for phone calls it has a built in cam,spkr an Mic an SKYPE has "SKYPE IN" which give's you a telephone number that anyone can call you on,hell you can even do a web cam phone call to another skype user. The option for bluetooth device connection is also there.

Aside from the form factor being as big as it is with the Two analog sticks it already is a phone. Also the Skype function works across wifi also, remember sony has Experience with Voip phones the MYLO was such a device.

Sony already has the Game phone option which is the Xperia play. Future ver of that phone will no doubt include hardware upgrade's but on the same token its not designed for as a game device first its designed as a phone 1st. An that will most likely never change because after all it is a phone.

Both systems can provide calling function an games, which one would you consider is your main function you want on the go. Some would say, no electronic leash is a liberating experience. Lmao, but that is just some people./s

f7897902378d ago

As long as it's something LED, it's going to look great.

DarkBlood2378d ago

so is the screen going to be glass like ish?

im only asking because i wont touch the screen till i put a protecter thing on it like with my 3DS overtime dust will collect and if i slide my finger i might scratch it by mistake

also makes cleaning a breeze since i do good wipe to insure its off for the time being

faysal2378d ago

yes it is glass like.

n4gisatroll2378d ago

What I don't why is Samsung making the screen, doesnt Sony do that stuff in house?

Nathaniel_Drake2378d ago

Samsung does make the led screens for sony tv's so I guess this just saves money

VonAlbrecht2378d ago

I wonder if you truly understand how manufacturing works.

UltimateIdiot9112378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )

It's efficient and even if they do them in house, the only OLED screens product I've seen from Sony so far are for TV.

1) Samsung already makes these type of screens for their cellphones so Samsung can pump these screens out faster, better and cheaper.

2) If Sony are to do these in house, they have to set everything up, obtain materials, build them, etc. Instead, they could use the resources to dedicate maybe putting more PSVita together or pump out other tech.

skrug2378d ago

Sony used OLED in a walkman a couple years back

GribbleGrunger2378d ago

it looks like Sony are very confident of needing a provider that can produce screens on mass. it's looking good

skrug2378d ago

Sony and Samsung has a joint venture in LCD production,

bunfighterii2378d ago

I read on Reuters a few weeks ago that in a cost saving measure Sony is selling it's LCD business to Samsung. The two were running a joint venture for a few years. I think Sony now only manufacture high end TV screens.

They simply don't make the small screens. Samsung I believe are the worlds largest supplier of screens. They do their own TV's, as well as small screen manufacturing for Apple, PC brands, mobile phones etc. Samsung also supply heaps of things like chips, semiconductors, etc. They're what brands like Sony, NEC, Hitachi, Sanyo etc. used to be. The high yen and GFC has pushed a lot of Japanese manufacturing offshore, and in the transition period there was a supply glut that Samsung was able to fill. South Korean labour costs and market barriers are much smaller than Japan's. Japanese companies now typically manufacture specialist, high end, very technically intensive parts like speaker drivers, etc. as well as innovative or new technologies. Once the technology gets adopted bu the market and there's mass consumer demand, typically production moves to countries like China, Korea or Thailand where the manufacturing costs are lower.

I was interested last year when my phat PS3 got YLOD, and when I opened it up to fix it I was surprised to see lots of Samsung components in it.

n4gisatroll2377d ago

Interesting. Thanks for a good reply. I knew Sony did plenty of things, but didn't take into account Korea probably has lower wages and in turn it would be cheaper for a Korean Company. And I read that article as well, or atleast half read it, and figured maybe Sony would do things themselves, to save money, but of course, I didn't consider other.factors like the ones your posted. Thanks again!

Hardbladestone2377d ago

The all signed a joning partnership a few weeks back to make these screens cheaper. I think it was 3 or 4 companys along with japan gov.

This article shold help

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JoelT2378d ago

I've played the Vita tons already since E3 11, and it's GLORIOUS. I'm currently rocking a Samsung Galaxy S II (Super Amoled+) from T-Mobile (.48 smaller screen than Vita) and I never get tired of looking at it. If you can't see the Vita anytime before launch, get yourself to a T-Mobile store to check out the panel. It's effin dope.

PS3n3602378d ago

Agree. I have the Galaxy SII as well and the screen is amazing. Good news for Vita buyers.

Miths2378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )

I have a Galaxy S2 as well and while the screen is fantastic in most respects - particularly black levels (a black background on the home screen or an app will pretty much blend seamlessly with the black bevel in most lighting conditions, making it look like text and images are printed right onto the phone) - it has problems with color banding and light greenish "blotches" in grayscales in some content.

I read a very technical supposed explanation for this a few months ago. Supposedly it has to do with the S-AMOLED+ screen having problems with content that's not produced with the proper color depth, but that does sound a little strange to me as I've been noticing the problems in a wide variety of image and video content that I know is in 32 bit color.

PS3n3602378d ago

interesting. i have not noticed that however I will keep my eye out for it. I need to wear my glasses more I suppose.

bunfighterii2378d ago

Cool! How'd you get access? Are you a journo?

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