Guerrilla Games wins Control Industry Award 2011 and already thinking of Killzone 4 |

Award to the Dutch team for its Killzone 3.
Guerrilla Games' Killzone with 3 wins Best Game award at the annual Dutch Control Industry Award 2011.
The team will attend the dinner will be held on November 24, 2011 in which 300 professionals will participate in the games industry, the same ones who voted through the official website .
Guerrilla Games, as suggested by the end of Killzone 3, is already working on the fourth chapter, but it is too early to say when it will be announced. Most likely need to wait until E3 2012.
It will be nice to see what you invent the Dutch team after two titans like Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3 just come on the market. You think you will invent something new?

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bacano2587d ago

Honestly, I think they don't deserve an award for KZ3 (maybe for KZ2). They got an awesome engine, but made a crappy game with it. I was playing the multiplayer for a while, but at the end I couldn't stand the f**ng snipers. Sometimes you just COULD NOT play at Bilgarsk Boulevard: all the people was playing as snipers and hiding until they randomly get a kill or the time's up. And I'm not sure if I should blame community for this. Who had the STUPID idea of make such an overpowered class?? I mean, cloaking, good mid-range weapons, radar interference... It sucks. The SP campaign wasnt so bad, IMO, but if you finish it, you will think you were trolled.

BABY-JEDI2587d ago

Cloaking & radar interference is a BIG game breaker. GG really Killzoned themselves in the foot with that one. MP just became a stat festival at the expense of skill. Really hope they fix/balance these issues in KZ4
Here's hope-ing

Games4M - Rob2588d ago

For me and everyone in my clan Killzone 3 was a massive dissapointment. I got the (incredibly easy) platinum trophy and then traded it in.

I just hope GG get back to what made KZ2 great and stop trying to copy COD.

hesido2587d ago

Agreed. I liked KZ2 mp much more, and played it for about 20 times longer than KZ3. The game was literally ruined by the new spawn system, allowing very little comeback chance even for good teams. The lack of spawn on buddy meant squads didn't mean squat, if you'll pardon the pun. This way, the only thing squads did was put a different color dot on your screen. It meant that you couldn't sync with your squad in an endless die / spawn cycle. You couldn't spawn on your buddy to reverse the game to your advantage when he's deep in enemy territory.

This alone made the game very much useless for me.

BABY-JEDI2587d ago

Agreed. New spawn system is just no fun. It's just plain dull. Wait around for the snipers... No thanks

KingPin2588d ago

looking forward to playing their future games. keep it up GG.

Fishy Fingers2588d ago

Congrats GG, enjoy them, I doubt KZ3 will be winning you anymore awards any time soon.

r212587d ago

well deserved, i loved kz3 :D

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The story is too old to be commented.