Skyrim: Console DLC Vs PC Mods – Ideas that you wouldn’t mind paying for

Product-Reviews writes: We seen a lot of requests for the ability to fly dragons around Skyrim, while we hilariously read online that some of you want Bethesda to re-insert their glitch where they revealed that chickens were ‘reporting crimes’. One great idea which we would like to see in the game is some more factions to join, such as a vampire faction perhaps. Skyrim introduces the werewolf companions to the game, so why not add a quest line for vampires too – that would be a hit with a lot of you we’re sure.

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tr00p3r2317d ago

Anything but horse armor will get my money.

decrypt2317d ago

TBH console gamers shouldnt pay for such stuff. In fact they should demand their own freedom to mod content.

The reason for this is simple, Once devs see they can make the console gamers pay, they will end up doing the same with PC gamers. Check out the latest games like COD and BF series where previously mods were allowed however because console gamers are willing to pay, it creates a spillover effect and causes devs to charge PC gamers too. As gamers everyone needs to be firm on this and not pay for crappy DLCs like New skins, armor etc. Gamers should instead ask for the freedom to make their own content.

hellvaguy2317d ago

So your saying that gaming companies should ask thier employees to volunteer thier time to create more content on an ongoing basis so that they won't have to charge customers for it. Odd business model, but hey crazier things have happened.

Darkfocus2317d ago

he's saying that you shouldn't pay for it because modders make better content for free often times...

reynod2317d ago


Check out games like TF2, L4D2. There is so much free content on the PC version its almost mind boggling.

It happens because the gamers are given the freedom to make their own content. In TF2 we have wacky ideas such as Baloon race maps, its something new you dont see it in other first person shooters. Its only possible because the gamers are given freedom to do so.

I can bet you, if the console community was given the freedom to make their own content, you would see a hell lot of innovation then current recycling of content you see in some games(COD).

Unfortunately this probably wont happen because Devs rather charge the gamers. Modding also extends the life of games, Devs dont like this because they would rather the gamers went out to buy the next sequel every year.

Big_Mex2317d ago (Edited 2317d ago )

Ive clocked in about 12hrs so far and have only done 2 story missions after u get set free. Game is massive. DLC is great but i can wait on extending the main story when there's so much else to do. Playing on PC.

Fishy Fingers2317d ago

I literally picked the game up last night so I'm not looking to fork out on any DLC soon, considering the content you've already got to play with. I'll certainly keep my eyes on the mods though, some visual upgrades would be my first install I think.

TheColbertinator2317d ago

I want Chicken Armor DLC and a DLC expansion of you encountering a volcanic eruption in Skyrim.

LightofDarkness2317d ago

Porting Cyrodiil into the game, adjoining it onto the southern ridge :p That would be mad.

In terms of paid DLC, I would say just go with some more Shivering Isles and Knights of the Nine type stuff, they had some good longevity to them and featured unique environments and enemies; they felt like true expansions.

RedDead2317d ago

This will likely be done...MW was put in Oblivion, although it's not finished yet, you can explore the whole of MW