Uncharted 3 – Drake’s Deception: Playstation Move Was Almost Considered

What better way than to combine two types of proprietary technology to come up with a much better showpiece? Sony has always been proud of the Uncharted series because of its outstanding 3D graphics. it also has another winning product in PlayStation Move. So why not combine the two together by putting in Move into Uncharted 3 at least? Well, Naughty Dog has at least considered the idea but concluded that it would be too difficult to go through with the implementation as the game stands right now.

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DonaldBeck2440d ago

that would have been sikkk

blumatt2440d ago

Well said. The Move really is super precise and I think it's under-used in games. I wish CoD and/or Battlefield would have included Move support. KZ3 used it quite well.

LOGICWINS2440d ago

I doubt IW or Treyarch would risk implementing Move in a COD game and risk alienating their existing fanbase. Dedicated Move players would be beasts at the game and non Move users would complain about it.

t0mmyb0y2440d ago

I was better at KZ3 with the Move than the DS3 lol I was shocked.

Army_of_Darkness2440d ago (Edited 2440d ago )

killzone 3, deadspace extractions and house of the dead: overkill are perfect examples of how to properly incorporate move support:)

Resistance 3 would of been great as well if it weren't for lagging every time I switched to zoom mode...

papashango2439d ago

You know a sony accessory has failed when they can't even get their first party studios to implement it.

m-s-8-22439d ago

You know Sony as a publisher understands the nature of business when the corporate heads don't attempt to mandate game design to the actual developers.

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LOGICWINS2440d ago

I would have bought UC3 Day 1 if it had Move support. Either way, I'm glad I waited. It'll be $30 on Black Friday at my local Best Buy :)

Thatguy-3102440d ago

Totally out of topic but in the campaing when your escaping from the London underground place what are the guys that have snipers that always disapear out of the no where and are within a fog? just noticed them

Wintersun6162439d ago

Just shoot at the very "root" of the laser beam.

Uncharted 3 would've been a great addition to the line up of Move-supported games.

Thatguy-3102439d ago

I know but are they some part of the supernatural element in the uncharted games? They are always behind the fog and when you shoot once at them they automatically vanish.

Wintersun6162439d ago

No, I think they're regular thugs. Snipers don't usually move much in Uncharted games, so I guess they wouldn't come at you like some other goons. I haven't tried moving towards them to actually see them, but I think they're just regular snipers.

Fylus2439d ago

This would have been awesome. There are just too few mature (ambience, not rating) games that allow the use of Move.

@t0mmyb0y, Killzone 3 with Move was amazing (:

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MisterAV2440d ago

I think move is better with first person shooter and puzzles, not with shooter/platformer like uncharted.

naiyo2439d ago

played it with infamous2/ Festival Of Blood. Works GREAT!... imo i would have love 1:1 swinging motion like in zelda too.

HeavenlySnipes2440d ago

The game is too fast paced to play with the Move. You are constantly meleeing, blindfiring, climbing etc.. It'd be too much for the Move.

BitbyDeath2440d ago

Would be a massive workout for sure. Ducking to hide behind objects, jumping to get over obstacles, very intense.

Not necessarily a bad thing although i doubt i'd be playing it for too long.

Wintersun6162439d ago

Move + Navi has enough buttons to handle those actions. You don't need to map those actions to body movements.

Snowii2440d ago

dont think it would fit to a tps so well

Ares902440d ago

The closest I can think is infamous but I can't really see how this would work

naiyo2439d ago

just point, shoot, run... whats hard about that?

Ares902439d ago

cover system, climbing and other mechanics are an obstacle in my opinion.

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