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VGW: When THQ published Saints Row in 2006, their sights were razor-focused on tapping into the success of Grand Theft Auto. With Saints Row 2, the developers at Volition sought to make the inevitable comparisons to Grand Theft Auto IV more difficult by lacing the game with over-the-top antics, irreverence, and additional variety. Saints Row The Third (aka Saints Row 3), however, is a different beast entirely. Volition has embraced their penchant for absurdity and crafted an open-world experience which wedges itself into the pleasure centers of your brain through sharp writing, insane scenarios, and bombastic characters and weapons.

To put it another way, the student has become the teacher, but it’s developed a warped sense of humor and complete disregard for expectations.

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ssb31732460d ago

This looks to be a decent game, can't wait for my copy