Artists in high demand for video game industry

Are video games works of art? The debate goes on, but there's no question that art is integral to video games.

To compete in the $60 billion global video game marketplace, top studios have assembled NFL-roster-size teams of increasingly specialized artists to create blockbuster titles. And the growing demand for high-profile talent has led colleges and art schools to increase the course and degree options for prospective video game artists.

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MariaHelFutura2350d ago

It definitely paid off in Skyrim, the dungeons are 10x better than Oblivion.

firetaw2349d ago

Key word here is high profile. They want people with 3-5years experience on AAA titles and they dont even want to look at you if you got less then that. Theres a pinury of artist in the industry and barely anything is added to fill the demand. And btw you learn more on the job then in school.

bozebo2349d ago (Edited 2349d ago )

^ this.

Same for all careers though generally.

Blackdeath_6632349d ago

*packs drawing book and colour pencils*