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Uncharted 3 looks amazing. The sheer level of detail is immense. I don’t pretend to know the technical details behind game lighting, but even a layman such as myself can see that the lighting in Uncharted 3 is stunning. It looks real, imitating the effect of having to expose a camera for indoors when the sunlight outside is really bright and the slight adjustment when going from one light to another is much like a good camera or your own eyes. The environments also look great, though there is a tendency to colour code climbable ledges that somewhat detracts from the design of a building. Still, even if the design can’t cover up the fact that environments are exceptionally convenient, few games look this good. This is re-enforced by a staggering attention to detail in the animation of the characters, most notably Nate. Nate has so many contextual animations he almost seems a real person, he touches walls and surfaces he walks past without looking at them, he looks around freely takin...

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DonaldBeck2321d ago

another perfect score, there adding up. mark my words.

Jihaad_cpt2320d ago

I have marked them and have to agree its a beautiful and fun game. that is all

supremacy2320d ago

Ive lost count. Seriously.

ssb31732314d ago

This is such a great game, worthy of this score, a must have for anyone with a ps3