PSN Review - Sam & Max: Season Two - Beyond Time and Space ( "The choice to release the second season of episodic point-and-click adventure game series Sam & Max on PSN before the first has seen a release on the console is certainly an odd one. Those who haven’t played through the preceding episodes on PC or Wii might be a little lost launching into Beyond Space and Time, and recurring characters and gags might not carry the same weight of hilarity, but if there’s a series that ever welcomed, encouraged and benefited from audience confusion, it’s Sam & Max. With the series’ trademark of left-field anarchic lunacy reigning supreme yet again, being informed that talking sociopathic rabbit Max is now the President or that a giant talking statue head of Abe Lincoln is hanging out at the local diner is almost as fun when it’s presented matter-of-factly without explanation as it is with full knowledge of how they came to be."

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