New GTA IV Trailer Coming Dec 6

Rockstar games have just announced not long ago that a NEW trailer for GTA IV will be released next week on thursday at exactly 3pm EST. "Move up, ladies" is the name for the 3rd GTA IV Trailer to be released. This game is so hyped up that it may be more hyped then Halo 3. Atleast the hype for this game will be worth it, hopefully.

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subzero93709d ago


sonarus3709d ago

GTA is a series that has always improved over the yrs i wonder how they'll improve GTAIV

LSDARBY3709d ago

This will probably be the number 1 selling game of all time.

vaan3709d ago

Frame rate and graphics quite frankly looked crap on the other trailers, considering we are in the next gen. However, GTA Vice City was one of the greatest games ever made imo.
Maybe they can hit the ball out of the park one more time? When Vice City was out, I truly believed we were in the 'golden age' of console gaming.
I hope I'm wrong.

MrTeenie3709d ago

I've been dying to see what they pull off with this game so I can't wait to see a new trailer and hopefully they give us a new solid date of release.

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The story is too old to be commented.
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