Review – Skyrim: The Video Game Equivalent of Drug Addiction

Skyrim, a single-player epic RPG from Bethesda Softworks, is the fifth and arguably greatest installment in the celebrated Elder Scrolls series.

Set in the Viking-inspired Nordic nation of Skyrim, the game is open-world, open-ended and filled with enough content to be virtually inexhaustible to the average gamer.

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pangitkqb2471d ago

Its so true. Ive played 30 hours of Skyrim in 4 days. My boss logged 35 hours in 3 days! (We both took 11/11/11 off)

sphinct2471d ago

The opening paragraph to this review is priceless:

" My name is Kory and I’m addicted to the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. I can’t stop ‘chasing the purple dragon’…and I literally mean winged monsters from the sky."

Loved it, and good review!

greyhaven332471d ago

One of my favorite games I've ever played

SephirothX212471d ago

My parents wanted me to go to rehab but I said...

Shield2471d ago

I don't have a Skyrim problem! I can stop playing whenever I want to! ;P

I haven't had a good meal since the 11th. I've been surviving on junk food, energy drinks and whatever else I can quickly devour. Skyrim is making me unhealthy and fat but I love it.

Gotta go I'm wasting Skyrim time!

Dread2471d ago

this game is like CRACK!

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The story is too old to be commented.