Most villainous villains: Cesare Borgia

Go Gaming Giant: "I doubt any of our readers have had an enemy quite like Cesare Borgia because let’s face it: this guy was a tool and a half. From his ascension to power to his downfall Cesare managed to be rotten, ruthless and revolting while being a thorn in the side of the Assassin brotherhood and Ezio. G3 takes a closer look at the dealings of Cesare Borgia and gives him the title of one of the most villainous villains of gaming."

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Trainz2440d ago

I wonder what exactly happened to him...
He kind of just disappeared into whiteness?

ironfist922440d ago

Realistically he was rumoured to have died similar to what was shown in the game.

During that particular battle he fell to his death.

And Rodrigo Borgia, actually did die from poisoning, albeit a slower more painful one than a simple poisoned apple.

Snowii2440d ago

the moment where the uncle died really was sad :(

Der_Kommandant2440d ago

I want to kill that bastard so bad

Murgatroyd72440d ago

Gotta respect a guy who bangs his hot sister.