Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Review (EmptyLifeBar)

"Marvel Vs Capcom is a truly unique series. In the world of fighting games, Marvel is King rivaled only by its predecessor Street Fighter. No fighter has seen as much attention and outright love as Marvel, especially in its second outing which has gone down in history as one of the most popular and respected fighters of all time and still gets heavy tournament presence even to this day."

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GreasyBacon322441d ago

Too many devil may cry characters.

AerotheAcrobat2441d ago

Are you kidding me? There are only 3 enough for ateam and like the best capcom has.

TheGreatGazoo2441d ago

Capcom is in a sorry state if DMC is the best they have

ShyGuy132441d ago

Look at the DLC costumes.

TheGreatGazoo2441d ago

A costume still won't be mega man!

ssb31732432d ago

Its acctually quite good, would reccomend for people who like fighting games, but some bits are a bit dull