Mark Rein: "Sony's Going To Have A Good Christmas This Year."

Via Ripten: In an epic interview with GamaSutra's Brandon Sheffield and Christian Nutt, Epic Game's VP and key creator of the Unreal Engine Mark Rein went into detail about Unreal Tournament 3 and other official UE3 licensee titles. Among other useful niblets of information, Mr. Rein highlights the importance of Sony consoles this holiday season, stating, "I think Sony's going to have a good Christmas this year. Games like Unreal Tournament 3 will hopefully get out the door."

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Vip3r3833d ago

Yeah but for NA gamers. While us Europeans have to wait.


Vip3r3833d ago

Yeah but I'm not sure if I'll be forced to play on US servers which could cause lag. Also I'd have to pay for shipping and import tax too.

deeznuts3833d ago

I think it looks for gamers within the region you are signed up for right? not where the actual game is from, being region unlocked.

Korosuke3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

UT3 support server browser like PC version have.
So don't worry about the lag. You just choose the lowest ping server. that's it.

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LSDARBY3833d ago

Im importing, but i dont think UT3 will do much for PS3 sales. Unless they market the hell out of it.

Marceles3833d ago

I'm not sure if it'll push PS3 hardware...but the games gonna sell good no doubt

mikeslemonade3833d ago

Well across all 5 current gen consoles(PSP and DS included) Unreal 3 is the biggest game coming out in December. I'm certainly going to buy it because there's nothing else to play. It still doesn't make sense to have all the games released in early November. Unreal 3 is a must buy mostly because it's getting released in December.

razer3833d ago

are mainly PC gamers. It will be interesting to see the numbers. I don't plan on buying this one on 360 or PS3 after playing the demo.

Myth3833d ago

than to judge a game by it's demo. The demo didn't have all the vehicles or weapons. Graphics were not max out either. The maps were all small, unlike the final release. If you like multiplayer online, there is no better.

Skerj3833d ago

Sony needs to put some marketing muscle behind this to help Epic out for what they're doing on the system. Mods!? Hell yeah that's a first time thing on a console, your 60 bucks is WELL spent with this game considering it has infinite replayability only limited to what other gamers and mod teams can think of.

TheHater3833d ago

agree. I would download all the mods that are fun, and increase the playablity of this game

jackdoe3833d ago

This is an article about another article which was already posted on N4G. The original article from Gamasutra. So this is wholly unnecessary.

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