GameSpy - L.A. Noire PC Review

GameSpy - I really can't handle guilt. If you catch me in a lie, it's written all over my face. Then I start talking, and things take a serious tumble downhill. Off a cliff. Into a cactus and porcupine convention. "Er, um, well, you see..." I mumble. "Oh, this waterfall of sweat? It's a genetic disorder. My mother was a river." That, however, is nothing compared to how it feels afterward. The disapproval, the dishonesty, the knowledge that I really and truly screwed up big time -- it's nearly enough to make me physically ill. L.A. Noire is brilliant because it manages to put you through all of that. However, L.A. Noire is also an exercise in keyboard-crushing, mouse-hurling rage for the exact same reason.

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