Halo Anniversary Ships On One Disc

"Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, the 10 year anniversary of the instant classic, comes on only one disc..."

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TheROsingleB2347d ago

I'm not sure about everyone else, but I was pretty sure this would be a single disc ordeal right from the start.

Fylus2347d ago

I know, right? Seems like common knowledge. Well whatever, the game looks great. The Halo series are one of those that make me wish I did own an Xbox. I'll have to settle with playing it at a friends :\

BattleTorn2347d ago (Edited 2347d ago )

seriously laughs out loud.

Of course it does. Xbox360 titles shipping on multiple disc is kinda limited to rather large games. (La Noire, Mass Effect2, Battlefield3, Rage, FFXIII, Castlevania...did I miss any?)

Since when went has a Halo been so size-demanding to require a second disc?

I'm gonna go out a say this now; Halo 4 will be ONE disc.

Microsoft will not allow their 1st-party dev make a game that requires multidisc. (it's something 3rd-party publishers have to deal with)

Godmars2902347d ago

Wasn't Reach and ODST on two?

Also wasn't that before they freed up around 2GB on a disc?

Eiffel2347d ago

I believe regarding ODST, one disc was for general Halo 3 multiplayer, and the other disc was for the singleplayer campaign. Halo Reach however was one disc.

BattleTorn2347d ago

hmm. I didn't count ODST, but your correct it was 2Discs. Although all the new content was on the first disc, and the second was Halo3's MP+MapPacks.

So, in a since, this implies ODST was larger than CE.

But ya since then they have also free'd up almost 2gb.

_Aarix_2347d ago

Lost odyssey says hi

Halo odst disc one used 3.5gb while the 2nd used a little less. It couldve fit on 1 disc but the second disc was halo 3 while the first was odst.

Bobby Kotex2347d ago

How do non-articles like this get approved?

JohnApocalypse2347d ago

To be fair this game does have 2 engines. Whats pretty cool if you buy the game you get a code to download the maps in Anniversary for Reach

Noticeably_FAT2347d ago

Well there was rumors that one disk would be the campaign and the second disk would be the multiplayer like ODST. The maps you download are only 1.5 gigs, so they did a good job fitting everything in.

As a owner of around 155 Xbox 360 physical games, I'd say maybe 8 of those that I own are multiple disk, which isn't very much. It's kind of a non issue.

_Aarix_2347d ago

155 o_o Whoo, bests my 80. I applaud you good sir.

Noticeably_FAT2347d ago

Oh hell yea, I have had a Xbox 360 since 2005 when they launched. I am also happy to say that 90% of the games I own were bought new. I believe in supporting developers, but I will also defend the right to buy used.

I remember when I went into a Gamestop to buy Alan Wake and this was a couple of months after it was released, they tried to sell me a used copy that was only $3 cheaper then the new one. I told them no thanks, I wanted to support the developer on this one. They kind of just looked at me strange, but it's just the way I feel.