Nintendo Slip Out More Wii Hard Drive Rumours

A Nintendo representative lets out some more rumours about the possibility of an upcoming Hard Drive peripheral for the Nintendo Wii, and throw in some info about a Wii Sensor Bar extension cable for good measure.

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Green-Hag3915d ago

It will be a total waste of effort for Nintendo to do that.

Omegasyde3915d ago

Why not? The virtual console service is making heaps of money. What do people do when they run out of Memory on a SD Card or better yet have 2 SD Cards but lose one?

A Hard drive is smart and I wish they had one already. Nintendo should at least let people use a external hard drive of their choice.

C_SoL3914d ago

i thought it had a harddrive already...i guess i thought wrong...

zslash3915d ago

Nintendo will release it when the time is right. Right now the time is not right - WiiWare won't be here till 2008 at the earliest.

unsunghero283915d ago

I think now would be the perfect time.

With WiiWare's upcoming release those 512 MBs are going to get filled up pretty quickly.

Nintendo sells tons of nunchucks and classic controllers, so why not hard drives too?

Kwertie3915d ago

Sounds like a standard copy and paste response, don't get your hopes up. All Nintendo need to do at least is allow stuff to run from SD Card. They don't necessarily need a harddrive either, as long as they have USB mass storage support, they could have their own USB pen drive if security is a concern. Either that or allow people to use their own USB harddrives. No need for them to actually release any hardware, just a software update would do. People can store stuff on SD card and transfer it to a PC anyway, so it's not like having a USB harddrive would increase the risk of piracy, it just makes it slightly more convienient.

BrotherNick3914d ago

lol, I disagree, after watching xboxes get hacked through hard drives to play games.

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