Gametrailers - Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Review

Can Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 live up to its name? Find out in the GT Review Pod!

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KrimsonKody2467d ago

This is what MvC3 should've been from the start.
Since when do games need "super hyper ultra collection" editionz, that, need I add, are not even collective items? Imo, that's an insult to people who do like rare collectives.

Ddouble2466d ago

Getting this for the Vita.

VTKC2466d ago

Capcom seems to think that money grows on trees. They should plant more trees because then they wouldnt have to think up these ideas and excuses in ripping us off. Releasing the same game that was intended but with all the bits attached to it this time round.
I say ALL the bits, I am only assuming that. Who knows maybe its not and a few months down the line...BAM! Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3...Apocalypse Edition!!

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