Harada: “Considering Single” for Tekken X Street Fighter

Posted from Katsuhiro Harada's Twitter, the Namco Bandai Producer of Tekken is considering going with one-on-one for their side of the Street Fighter and Tekken crossover.

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ironfist922464d ago

Interesting decision. Its up to them whether they decide to take the traditional Tekken route, or the TTT spin-off style.

Furesis2464d ago

or maybe have them both but i like one-on-one more what about you?

MogKnight2463d ago

I think due to the complexities with making a 3D fighter with a huge abundance of animations and attacks, I think trying to make all of these SF work in a Tekken environment is going to take a lot of development time. Pretty sure they want to focus on getting this part right.