StarHawk: New Single Player Details Revealed

If you've been enjoying Uncharted 3’s single player, or dominating its multiplayer, then there’s a good chance you’ve overlooked one cool addition that came with your purchase of Uncharted 3, the StarHawk Beta. LightBox’s original take on third person shooting has had some of its single player details revealed.

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sinncross2470d ago

I wonder if they will make a tower defense mode for like 4 players.

That could be sweet.

But this is sounding like one of the highlights of 2012.

kingPoS2469d ago

I really liked that you could make your own severs. Which essentially meant Warhawk would never die so long as people hosted games on it. Here's to hoping Starhawk's the same way.

gamerz2469d ago

Yeah, it's pretty amazing Warhawk is still so popular.

BitbyDeath2469d ago

It's even better cause you can host your own servers but instead of relying on your internet connection you host them on specific Starhawk servers meaning anyone will be able to create 32 player matches.

gamerz2469d ago

Looks like the standard weapons all have zoom now. Also the hawks don't seem like they can hover.. but not sure. Can't wait for this game!

The article mentions the beta starts later this month? That's a mistake right? I thought the beta wasn't till early next year?

BitbyDeath2469d ago

Hawks can't hover anymore, the triangle button instead transforms you into a mech and vice versa.

fear882469d ago

Out of all the multiplayer games coming out next year. I think this has the biggest potential to be the next big multiplayer craze like halo and cod. I just hope Sony and light box don't squander this opportunity by advertising poorly like they always do. Huge potential and huge amounts of money to be made but they will squander it if they don't have a crazy over the top advertising campaign.