EA Forum Bans Results In Origin Account, Content Deletion

Gaming Blend "It appears people being banned on the EA forums are having their Origin accounts restricted and deleted (all paid-for content along with it). One guy received such a ban for using the word “e-peen” on the forums."

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aviator1892471d ago (Edited 2471d ago )

So, EA deletes and restricts everything (even our paid items) due to a forum ban... EA's such an ass.

And I'm sure they expect us to buy whatever we lost all over again. :/

vortis2471d ago

That's how it works...

You gotta make a new account and re-buy EVERYTHING.

Is that not evil or what?

dangert122471d ago

Nice EA Nice, I give origins 2years max in its current state

GraveLord2471d ago

Wow. This is unacceptable.
If I was that guy I'd sue EA for locking me out of content I legally payed for.

BattleAxe2471d ago

Now that is F***ed up. There's no way I'm buying games on that service. They might want to try what Steam does with separating the forums from your account.

Grimhammer002471d ago

This is just another reason to not support these types of cloud set up's. Too much power for the dev/publisher.