Review: Super Tanooki Skin 2D (PC) [The Gaming Vault]

The fabulous people over at PETA have released their newest game! After the controversial smash hit Super Tofu Boy, can the guys at PETA top their previous classic?

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AronDeppert2465d ago

Even though I've been a vegetarian for nearly half my life, I still find PETA to be ridiculous.

borisfett2465d ago

I need this game in my life.

RoboRyan2465d ago

I'm curious about this, but I don't want to give PETA the satisfaction of visiting their site. I'm more offended that they waste time on non-issues like this when there are legitimate causes they could pursue, than the implied death of virtual "raccoon dogs".

SeraphimBlade2465d ago

This game is inspiring! I'm gonna go skin REAL raccoons! Thanks, PETA!